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Whistleblowing System (WBS) is a commitment of PTP Multipurpose to implement sustainable Corporate Governance practices. Currently, WBS of PTP Multipurpose refers to the WBS of IPC Group. PTP Multipurpose encourages the Board of Commissioners, Directors, Employees/Permanent Employees/Non-permanent Employees, Outsourcing, and all stakeholders to support the clean IPC program by utilizing the Whistleblowing System to report any violations of business ethics or compliance violations with reliable evidence.

Every individual or stakeholder of PTP Multipurpose who reports a violation of the Code of Conduct or a violation of compliance will get protection, both in terms of identity confidentiality and the possibility of countermeasures by the reported party. The application of WBS in the scope of PTP Multipurpose Company has been ratified through Directors’ Regulation Number UM.330/5/12/2/PTP-2018 regarding Guidelines for the Prevention of Gratification, Anti-Money Laundering, Reporting of Illegal Levies and the Implementation of Whistleblowing System in PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok.

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